Commercial and Residential Landscape Maintenance in Hightstown, New Jersey

Growing Concern specializes in meeting all your landscaping requirements. Our New Jersey-based company is highly regarded in the landscaping industry for its excellent customer service and many years of dedicated service. Our focus on delivering high-quality work has established trust between us and our clients, which has been instrumental in our success.

If you live in Hightstown, New Jersey, Growing Concern’s team is available to address all your landscaping needs, both for residential and commercial properties. Our specialists can provide a wide range of services, such as mowing and edging to give your landscape a polished look, pruning for healthier growth, fertilization for improved plant and grass health, weed control for a flawless appearance, and more! During winter, we can also take care of snow removal from your driveway, ensuring your peace of mind and comfort.

If your landscape is not getting the attention it deserves, you don’t have to look any further. Our team of professionals has more than 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry, and all our services are performed by licensed experts who can take care of all your environmental needs.

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Tree Services in Hightstown, NJ

Not only do trees enhance the visual appeal of a landscape, but they also play a vital role in the environment. However, if they become hazardous due to disease or severe weather, trimming or removal is necessary to ensure the safety of individuals in the area and preserve the surrounding aesthetics.

At Growing Concern, we are committed to keeping your trees and shrubs in Hightstown looking their best all year round. Our professional services include canopy thinning, canopy elevation, and crown cleaning. All of our experts are fully licensed and insured, providing you with the confidence that the job will be done correctly. Regular monitoring of your trees’ health is critical, and timely action should be taken to maintain the beauty of the area and ensure the safety of those in the vicinity.

We specialize in general tree care and tree removal, including tree trimming, pruning and more:

  • Large and Dangerous Tree Removal
  • View Trimming
  • Lot Clearing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Hedge Trimming and Removal
  • Arborist Consultation

Do you have any ugly tree stumps on your property in Hightstown that needs to go? If so, give us a call today! Our experienced and highly skilled staff is delighted to help you out. Additionally, we guarantee that once the job is done, your property will be left spotless. By getting rid of that stump, you can rest easy knowing no more roots are encroaching upon or damaging your foundation or pool.

Commercial Landscaping in Hightstown, NJ

Maintaining a healthy lawn is a demanding task that requires the assistance of experts, like those at Growing Concern. With years of experience and advanced knowledge in horticulture, we can help you establish and maintain a vibrant lawn that will impress your Hightstown neighbors.

A soil test is a valuable tool that can help you determine the specific needs of your lawn and the most effective way to keep it healthy. We offer customized tests that cater to your specific care regimen, covering everything from macro-nutrients to active microorganisms. Armed with this knowledge, you can ensure a stunning green space throughout the season!

Some of the different commercial landscaping services we offer include:

When you choose Growing Concern as your landscaping provider, you can be confident that our skilled team of professionals will deliver the best possible services to turn your vision into reality. We’ll work closely with you from the beginning to ensure that we meet all your needs and exceed your expectations with a landscape design that is unparalleled.

In addition to creating your dream landscape, we also offer maintenance services to keep it looking stunning. The exterior appearance of your Hightstown business is crucial, as it creates a lasting impression on potential customers. Let us help you make a lasting impression that will leave them impressed. Whether it’s for schools, universities, business parks, or commercial venues, we can effortlessly handle all your landscaping requirements.

Residential Community Landscaping in Hightstown, NJ

Our team at Growing Concern also works with different living communities like HOAs, POAs, COAs, as well as building developers in Hightstown. At Growing Concern, we understand that the appearance of your property is a vital part of making a good impression. Our certified arborists will attend board meetings and walk-throughs to ensure your landscaping remains in top condition – so you don’t have to worry about curb appeal! We’ll make sure it looks its best at all times; inviting guests and potential buyers alike with our stunning landscapes.

Some of the different commercial landscaping services we offer include:

At Growing Concern, our service is designed to match both your needs and budget. So if you’re in search of a comprehensive landscaping provider within the Hightstown area, we are the ones for you! Our lawn care services comprise tree maintenance, shrubbery trimming, as well as general garden upkeep that will have everyone smiling with contentment.

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