Our eco-friendly landscape treatments keep you and your property healthy.


We specialize in making your lawn sustainable and safe. In select programs, inorganic chemical use is reduced instead opting for eco-friendly, organic, and all-natural alternatives. By using environmentally-friendly materials, we’re doing our part to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants that could make their way to your water supply.

Our all-natural lawn treatment means families with pets and children who play outside are safe from ingesting chemicals that could be detrimental to their health. With our organic lawn treatment materials, you can rest assured knowing your children and pets can play and relax safely.

If you’re looking for a way to make your lawn healthier and more eco-friendly, look no further than us at Growing Concern. Our lawn treatments keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful while also reducing the amount of damaging chemicals in the environment and fighting climate change.

If you’re ready to make your lawn eco-friendly and lush, call us today at (609) 409-2701 to book our services!

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