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The trees, shrubs, and flowers we plant now could outlive us. To increase the chances of this happening, it is important to practice proper care and maintenance from the time they are planted. This way, future generations will be able to enjoy safe and healthy trees. Not sure what replacement or addition would work best for your landscape? Consult with a Growing Concern arborist. They will help you find the right tree or flowers for your location and ensure that it's planted correctly.

When it comes to new trees or flowers, picking the right one, putting it in the right place, and planting it correctly are three of the most important considerations. A non-native plant or a location with poor soil conditions or insufficient root and crown growth space can cause a newly planted tree or shrub to perish prematurely.

There are certain plants that are better equipped to battle specific pests in your region. The right flowers, trees, and shrubs for your property will not only give you the aesthetic look you desire but will also reduce worries about infestations and lower maintenance costs. Make sure to contact us immediately!

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