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Supplementing your turf areas with compost applications has several benefits, including improving soil quality and reducing fertilizer and chemical use. Our natural compost is the result of trillions of microorganisms breaking down organic material into a nutrient rich soil that can be broadcast over lawns. This process of breaking down organic matter such as leaves or grass clippings into fundamental nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium results in a dark, rich, and odorless soil that can be used to boost the health of your turf.

The strengthening of soil structure, in conjunction with an increase in beneficial soil biology activity, leads to more long-term sustainable landscaping that requires less fertilizer and less water to maintain vibrant and healthy plants.

Get in touch with one of our composting experts today! Its rich dark color will make your landscaping pop and won’t smell like anything. Let us help your landscape and soil thrive.

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