Our irrgation and drainage services save you time, water, and money.


Irrigation and drainage are essential components to your property's health and long-term viability. Proper irrigation can have a significant influence on your lawn and plantings.

Drainage may sometimes be tough to address on your own, but we work with you not only to resolve drainage issues but also to transform a problematic region into an attractive environment. Whether you need assistance resolving present drainage problems or are interested in creating a landscape with proper drainage, Growing Concern has the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome or avoid these typical drain-related difficulties.

Irrigation systems play a vital role in keeping your landscape looking neat and tidy. Without the right amount of water, your grass and plants may wither away; but too much can cause fungus, weeds, and disease to overrun your property. Rather than struggling to maintain proper irrigation measures on your own, contact us today so that we can assist you in preserving your investment- starting with a healthy lawn!

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