Growing Concern, Inc. has been offering comprehensive irrigation services since 1987. Our Irrigation Division offers clients superior irrigation system design, service and installations that provide proper, and most importantly, efficient watering of you landscape needs.

Our Irrigation Division is an industry leader in offering irrigation services of the highest standards. Our staff which is fully trained can install or troubleshoot our client's irrigation needs with lasting high quality workmanship.

  • We offer quality material selections and state of the art control systems.
  • We are fully licensed with
    • The state of NJ Department of Environmental Protection as Irrigation Contractors
    • NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development as Public Work Contractors
    • The NJ Department of Consumer Affairs as Home Improvement Contractors
  • We are also industry certified as
    • Certified Irrigation Contractors
    • Certified Irrigation Auditors
    • Certified Backflow Testers
  • We are proud members of 
    • The Irrigation Association of NJ
    • The National Irrigation Association
    • The American Water Works Association
  • All of our irrigation team members travel with necessary parts to maintain, diagnose, and repair any problem that is presented. That being said, our irrigation expertise is unmatched.
  • Growing Concern prides itself on maintaining clock systems to ensure that the systems will be consistently working. Our seasonal inspections are meant to check for any changes the system may experience from the changing seasons. Our inspections are also on older systems to check for any weak links in the chain. For the dated systems, we can also recommend changes that would make the irrigation system work to its full potential.