Tree trimming done right.


Our experts have the skill and precision required for tree trimming and pruning. Making sure your trees and shrubs are pruned at the proper time of year may have a significant impact on their lifespan. Our expert tree trimming techniques and tried-and-true methods keep your trees healthy and beautify the exterior facade of your property. Pruning at the right time also allows light into the canopy to stimulate development and improves the overall appearance and feel of your yard.

There are a number of different trimming services available at Growing Concern to help keep your trees and shrubs looking their best, including canopy thinning, canopy elevation, and crown cleaning.

  • The canopy should be thinned to allow air circulation and to avoid breaking in strong winds.
  • To allow for street and walkway clearance, limbs are removed from the lower canopy.
  • Crown cleaning involves removing deadwood from trees to prevent hazardous branches from falling and causing damage. This also eliminates possible avenues for insect and disease infestations.

Ready to start the tree trimming and pruning process? Give Growing Concern a call today and speak with one of our professional arborists. We'll make sure your property looks beautiful and your trees thrive.

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