5 Ways Your HOA Can Save on Landscaping

Before the spring and summer come around again, you should start thinking about what your seasonal garden needs. Here are some tips for how an HOA can save money on seasonal gardens, along with money-saving tips for year-round landscaping.

Do a request for proposal from landscapers

Great savings can come from creating a request for proposal for lawn care and snow removal. It also helps the owners and residents to know there’s a tight plan since grounds maintenance is such a high–visibility issue. Knowing of the written schedule helps keep owners happy.

Choose areas to focus on

Prioritize the areas of highest impact and visibility, and focus money and effort on those. You should also know the needs of the plants being planted on your grounds so you can ensure your HOA won’t be spending money again 12 months later.

Choose plants native to your area

Native plants will establish more easily and take less effort—and time and money—to remain healthy and maintained than species that aren’t native to your area. Choose flowering perennials, which will provide color every year and reduce the time and money spent on planting seasonal color.

Pick the right shrubs and bushes

Be sure to include shrubs or bushes varieties with colored foliage or that are evergreen. Having some color around during winter months will  make your HOA look like a place people want to come home to and will reduce spending on seasonal winter plantings for color. When you choose shrubs or bushes that will need to be regularly pruned, choose mature, slow–growing varieties. They may require pruning or shaping only once every growing season versus monthly.

Reduce water consumption

Your HOA can save a ton of money by having a good irrigation person. Make sure to fix water leaks quickly and try not to water on weekends to avoid emergency repairs. Pressure could cause a water line to break, valves could get stuffed, or a timer box could break leaving the sprinklers in the ‘on’ position.

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