How to Prepare Your Trees for Storm Season

As storm season approaches, it’s important to take steps to protect your property, including your trees. High winds, heavy rain, and lightning can all cause damage or loss of trees, which not only poses a safety risk but can also be expensive to repair. Here are some tips on how to prepare your trees for storm season and minimize the risk of damage.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning is the process of removing dead or weak branches, which can become dangerous projectiles during a storm. Pruning also helps to improve the overall health and structure of the tree. It’s best to hire a professional tree service to handle pruning, as they have the necessary tools and expertise to do the job safely and effectively.

Assess Tree Structure

A structural assessment involves examining the tree’s overall health and identifying any weak spots or defects that could lead to failure during a storm. This includes looking for signs of decay, cracks, or splits in the trunk or branches. Again, it’s best to hire a professional arborist to conduct a structural assessment, as they can identify any potential hazards and recommend the best course of action.

Remove Dead or Dying Trees

If a tree is already dead or dying, it’s important to have it removed before a storm hits. Dead trees are more likely to fall over during high winds, which can cause damage or injury. It’s best to have dead trees removed by a professional tree service, as they can safely cut down the tree and dispose of it properly.

Anchor Trees

Anchoring involves securing a tree to the ground using cables or stakes to help support it during high winds. This is especially important for newly planted trees or those with shallow root systems. It’s best to hire a professional tree service to handle anchoring, as they can ensure that the cables or stakes are installed properly and won’t damage the tree.

Maintain Healthy Trees

Finally, the best way to prepare your trees for storm season is to maintain their overall health. This includes watering and fertilizing them regularly, as well as providing adequate pruning and care. Healthy trees are better able to withstand high winds and other weather-related stressors, so investing in their maintenance is key to protecting your property.

Preparing your trees for storm season requires a combination of pruning, structural assessment, and maintenance. Hiring a professional tree service is often the best way to ensure that your trees are properly cared for and protected from storm damage. By taking these steps, you can help minimize the risk of damage or loss of trees during severe weather and keep your property safe. Give Growing Concern a call today for all of your commercial landscaping needs.